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Margarita Chow Legal Offices was founded in 2007 and is based in Panama City. We have an experienced team of attorneys with a wide variety of specialties and offer legal advice on several business fields. Our legal areas include labor, IP and contract law, as well as property law & management, Tax law, due diligence and collection and ship registration in Panama.

Our key specialties are corporate law and immigration law.

Understanding your business is our key strength and we provide our clients with experienced legal services. We have all the legal skills you need for your business under one roof.

Why hire us?

A successful business will hire a business attorney before it’s too late. A business attorney is needed at any point of a business. He or she can offer assistance from basic legal advice at the start of a new business to assistance in lawsuits and liability. With our divers experienced team on different legal fields, we can assure you competent advice.

Panamas convenient geographical location and booming international industry, gave us the opportunity to gain expert experience in different business fields. We try to understand every aspect of our clients’ business and put their needs first.

If you are looking to relocate or invest in property, it will always be good to have a legal adviser guide you through the whole process and regulations of the country. Having a good understanding of the local rules will make it easier and more efficient. It will ensure legitimate practices and leave you without any unexpected surprises. We can be the adviser you’re looking for and make this whole process as simple and understandable for you.

This is only just a short summary of what we offer. We are active in different fields as mentioned above, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any more advice or information. We’d be happy to assist you.